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Most browsers block html files from accessing other files. This is a security feature to prevent html files from grabbing any data (it can only get files from the folder the html file is in). This will prevent you from running the game locally. You can turn this off in most cases, but if you don't want to do that, I'll have to create an executable version.

This is the second installment in the After the Shift universe.

While I would class it as an RTS just because of the style of gameplay, I wouldn't call it a strictly 'strategy' game because the only real strategy is about how quickly you can build. It's more survival or action than strategy. That said, you'll find some strategy to be had in defending your stuff. City building was never my strong suit... :d

Hint: use shift + S to get a save code. You can paste this into any other instance of the game, click off the textbox, press shift+L and it should put you exactly where you were when you saved! \^-^/ It's a placeholder, don't worry.

By the way, the version is the approximate amount of finishedness. a050 would mean it's about half way to being a 1.0 release. I will probably keep developing it after full (r1) release though.

Have fun!

Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/8fWrcAF
Also roadmap thing to see what features I want to add.
If you want to boost my development a bit, please go ahead and donate! Even the smallest contribution goes a long way, plus you get the downloadable version.

How the downloads work

Whenever I update the game I'll be adding the downloadable for that version for anyone who donates $1, and $2 for the development builds (which are uploaded when I've made significant local changes). Some old versions of the game are free for download. The current release of the game is available free to play on this page as embedded HTML.


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Downloadable a050 old 366 kB
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Downloadable b067 old 456 kB
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This game is super fun! really addicting.  I love how you can move the islands around - it becomes super satisfying when you find two that go together like a pussle. I like that new islands are constantly spawning and I like the timer at the top. 

I wish that there were diagonal walls, and more information about what the symbols of the resources are (the one at the bottom in particular). The towers sometimes attack eachother, friendly fire. It is manegable, but annoying, when your one city destroys parts of your other city just because they happen to be slightly too close.

Why does the enemies get to have blimps?! I want blimps tooo~ ༼☯﹏☯༽

But you can have blimps! To get small blimps, right-click on the town hall. To get big, powerful blimps, build an airship factory, then right-click it

very interesting concept. 

Keep it up 👍

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Awesome game. Please keep going! Please have my small contribution.

Amazing game! Just an idea is multiplayer. I know this would be incredible hard to do. the reason I even bring this up is me and a friend want to see who the better 'Sky Captain' is. if you can do this AMAZING if not all good its great how it is! 


I love the idea and the artstyle, but the "tutorial" never really explains how the game works. I never figured out how to collect resources from my islands, or how to use the airships (aside from moving them.) Aside from that, no complaints.

Me too xD

But it kinda feels great to discover the game, like in the olden days, as opposed to nowdays tutorials which are sometimes so tedious and boring!


I really love the concept, and the story is real neat, there are some nitpicks I have like, for example, sometimes I'm not sure where I can place, I can't really tell the difference between most of the modes, probably because i don't have the attention span, it's hard to really understand how to fight back against attacks because of the font, the art style is really cool actually, would recommend!


It is an awesome game and has even more potential. I am excited to see where this game goes and if it will be successful. One thing though is the difficulty to get started in the modes. It can be very challenging just to get a good foothold in the rounds. Don't get me wrong I like a good challenge and I am by no means asking you to hold the players hand through the game like very game does. I would contribute but I am a younger player and don't have an allowance. :d

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Thanks for the feedback! There is a semi-working difficulty setting in the options menu if you want to adjust it. If I remember correctly it will not spawn any enemies at 0. If you set it to 1 or 5 or so you might find it a bit more approachable!

I'll be working on rebalancing at some point, so that instead of being entirely random it will have a maximum spawn rate dependant on things like your settlement size and how many ships you have.

Edit: you'll have to set the difficulty each time you start a match for now until I sort out a proper saving system.

Ok, Thanks


I love the game and the gameplay from it! The sprites and islands are very pleasing to the eye. One of the only complaints I would have is the stockpiling mechanics, whenever I try to bring out the airships I can only make 20 at a time. Maybe make a Stockpile building to try and balance it out as space is at a premium? Could reward those with large territories. Another thing I would want to see would be hotkeys for the buildings; a simple 1-10 could work. Very tedious to move my mouse up and down.

A suggestion, please don't feel inclined to do so, would be a diplomacy system. Like with the random enemy settlements instead of just attacking them, you could bring them into your 'sphere of influence' as a sort of out post for expansion. Maybe you could bring out other expanding AIs to spice up the game and the random enemies could be a barbarian from the CIV games? Thanks for reading this wall of text.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I've been wanting to add the stockpile building for a while, but put it off until I make a new gui.

Enemy settlements will likely have a 'settlement strength' in the full game. This decides how many airships they send your way, and also how likely they are to surrender (which gives you all their buildings). I'm also looking at an ai helper. When stockpiles reach a threshold it will build units a bit like the enemy spawns them. Probably most of this won't happen until near the finished project however.

I'm also thinking of beefing up the airship health, maybe to 6 instead of 2, and reducing enemy spawns. Currently any assaults are extremely costly and end in huge losses, but as we know from real strategy, if you are fighting a fair battle you didn't plan correctly. Of course you can cheese the game by manually controlling units or using seige walls, but I want that to be an advanced tactic rather than the only feasible one.

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loving the aesthetic and gameplay so much. it would be really cool were characters or upgrades or somth to spice up the gameplay a little, but im not complaining! love what youve done with this- youve got a lot of really cool ways to go from here :)


Thanks! It's always great to hear feedback. I hope I return to this some time (and untangle the spaghetti).

I was hoping to add artefacts which would give some slight boosts (like, one for agriculture, one for military etc) and the idea would be that you would have to travel a long way to find them.

Also potentially have airships build for you, so you can't just instabuild miles away from everything like you're a magician.


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ayo that sounds kickass!! im already a huge fan of what youve got going here- and i especially love the exploration/artifact mechanic yer thinking of!

man im already getting all hyped up thinking about what youll come up with :))

actually (this is a lot to ask on my part - and you dont have to accept by any means) but if youre at all willing to let somone else work for you on this project, i'd be more than happy to! im not nearly smart enough for programming, but as a brat tryna nab an artistic/animated career id be ecstatic to help out with any visual aspects for free. though i don't have much experience in pixel art, id love to use this as an opportunity to pick it up :)

its totally cool if yer not looking for any extra stuff to manage, im just a big fan of this and all the other things youve got going. big support from here either way, yo! youve got one hell of a knack for this shit :D

just in case, though, here's my portfolio: https://www.instagram.com/jingel.jangel/

hit me up when yer next game drops!!

take care and good luck :)

Such a good game!



Oh, oh no. I figured out what k does. Oh god, it's just like z in eGG.


uhoh what crazy debug godpowers have I forgotten to take out...


XK-Class End of the World scenario, become god and destroy anything you touch.

the game works in the browser but not when downloaded :(

Which version did you download?
Did you open index.html in your browser?

There isn't a non-html version at the moment since it is easier to keep it cross-platform compatible. Let me know if it works 🙂

im on linux ubuntu 18.0.4 i downloaded the linux version no i did not open index.html in browser

Really nice and fun game. The only problem I had is that it is sometimes hard to select certain tile, and sometimes they go over each other and if something gets destroyed you don't see it then.

Still good tho!

It does not load...

Did it start working again? Make sure your browser supports HTML5 and javascript also.

Hope it works!

awesome game :)

i am so sorry just figured it out i. i guess i blocked full screen mode sometime in the past

hey i am playing on browser it says to click f to go to full-screen but it does nothing when i click f

Its impossible for me to make an airship factory before I get assaulted by a wave .

Even on the lowest difficulty setting I havent been able to fend off the first wave, the difficulty slider needs to influence the wave size.

Yep I'm planning to make airships easier to make in future. The difficulty slider does affect the size. Maybe use walls and castles first?

castles are also pretty difficult to get before the first wave, maybe the first wave should be delayed a few more minutes.

Thanks for responding btw, I really like this game and I see a lot of potential.

Thanks! I appreciate knowing how the game is played by others, helps to figure out balancing and that. :)

How to play this game????!?!!

Build a house, a farm and nothing happen after that.

You'll need to place a settlement flag to get resources. Anything outside of a flag radius doesn't get counted. If you'd prefer without this feature (I'm thinking of a replacement) there's a download for the previous version :)

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Cool gaem bro