Guide! Sorry for not adding this earlier!

Use touch or mouse for most of the controls. From left to right the buildings you can place are wall, mine, energy generator, turret, cannon and a tool to delete placed objects. When placing a building, drag to adjust the position. Walls especially. Walls have hitpoints based on their size so the larger the better.

You will need at least half your energy to fire turrets so make sure you have plenty! Similarly you need half of your metal full to fire cannons. Cannons have higher range and damage but are slower to react and more costly to run.

Mines use a lot of energy to run, so make sure to build up your energy reserves before mines, or you might end up with no defenses!

IMPORTANT! If waves are not spawning, press P. This will immediately start the next wave.

May be totally broken. Had about 4 days to complete it in total because I haven't had much time! 

Hopefully still playable though. If anything it's a cool concept. Have fun!


Development log


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somewhat fun, dont quite get what to do but otherwise nice graphics!

Temporary fix for no spawns starting! Press P when you are ready for the first wave. Not sure what the ethic with bugfixes is but I would like to avoid uploading another version.

I'm not positive, but this appears to be broken. I'm not sure if something supposed to be happening, but nothing seems to be going on.


Found the issue, thanks for pointing it out! Press P when you are ready for the first wave. There's a problem with the grace period never ending.

I say that and then they start spawning. It should take about 4-5 minutes to start spawning. Maybe try waiting a little longer if you can't use the P wave spawn key.

Thanks for the update!