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Such a good game!



Oh, oh no. I figured out what k does. Oh god, it's just like z in eGG.


uhoh what crazy debug godpowers have I forgotten to take out...


XK-Class End of the World scenario, become god and destroy anything you touch.

the game works in the browser but not when downloaded :(

Which version did you download?
Did you open index.html in your browser?

There isn't a non-html version at the moment since it is easier to keep it cross-platform compatible. Let me know if it works 🙂

im on linux ubuntu 18.0.4 i downloaded the linux version no i did not open index.html in browser

Really nice and fun game. The only problem I had is that it is sometimes hard to select certain tile, and sometimes they go over each other and if something gets destroyed you don't see it then.

Still good tho!

It does not load...

Did it start working again? Make sure your browser supports HTML5 and javascript also.

Hope it works!

awesome game :)

i am so sorry just figured it out i. i guess i blocked full screen mode sometime in the past

hey i am playing on browser it says to click f to go to full-screen but it does nothing when i click f

Its impossible for me to make an airship factory before I get assaulted by a wave .

Even on the lowest difficulty setting I havent been able to fend off the first wave, the difficulty slider needs to influence the wave size.

Yep I'm planning to make airships easier to make in future. The difficulty slider does affect the size. Maybe use walls and castles first?

castles are also pretty difficult to get before the first wave, maybe the first wave should be delayed a few more minutes.

Thanks for responding btw, I really like this game and I see a lot of potential.

Thanks! I appreciate knowing how the game is played by others, helps to figure out balancing and that. :)

How to play this game????!?!!

Build a house, a farm and nothing happen after that.

You'll need to place a settlement flag to get resources. Anything outside of a flag radius doesn't get counted. If you'd prefer without this feature (I'm thinking of a replacement) there's a download for the previous version :)

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Cool gaem bro