After the Shift

After the world is split apart by the "Shift", you as one of the only remaining survivors have to rebuild. Bring together the fragments of the world that was and build a new settlement. But be careful, as this might attract the attention of unsavory characters.

Made in two weeks for LOWREZJAM 20o17

Alternate link to playable version

Blending features of tower defense, real time strategy, resource management and city building into one little game about survival in a broken and hostile world.

Made for LOWREZJAM 2017
Bonus Challenges

  • Pacifist - In an otherwise violent game, your protagonist must be a pacifist.
    • Player has no weapons to fight with apart from buildings
  • Yin-Yang - Where there is light, there is dark.
    • The Shift turned some people bad, even the best of us
  • Eco-Friendly - The player can control the environment.
    • Player moves and builds on islands
  • Freak - Random changes occur outside the player's control.
    • Map regenerates at times
  • Mitosis - Something in the game must be able to split itself into 2 copies.
    • None

CAPR layout

1. Work against the clock to defend against waves of pirates

1. Art style
2. Strange gameplay

1. See a settlement grow
2. Survive waves of enemies

1. Randomized game world
2. Achieving higher wave counts

Development log


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