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Needs a pause option

I quiet enjoyed it! I really hope there will be a full game some time in the future

Loved the game and the concept. One thing is that it would be great getting some reward even if you have died, or atleat have a greater reward for finishing a stage.  The way it is now I have to play through the level many times to upgrade enough to be capable in the next one. It gets a bit too repetative.

This is such a great game! I love the music and how beautiful the general look and feel of the game is even in (and possibly due to) its simplicity. I do wish there was the ability to change background/fx volumes; the fx is so loud compared to the background music.


Really enjoyed the aesthetic, good work, especially with how quick you made it. Atmosphere on point!


5/5, would light up the ghosts again.  


Or am i the ghost???

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